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Anjaan 2014 Full Movie 720p Hd Free 40




Featuring Jayam Ravi and Shraddha Srinath in the leading roles, the film is about a boy, who during a test of courage, faces an untamed and cunning tiger in the wild. The film was released on 14 June 2014. Anjaan garnered mixed to positive reviews from critics and became a huge success at the box office. Plot Vikram (Jayam Ravi), along with his younger brother Viswanathan (Vishnu), take care of their parents. During their childhood, Vikram had an incident where he lost his father (Prakash Raj) to a tiger. He has a psychological trauma regarding the incident. One day, the brothers move to the forests near their village to find work. A gang of robbers arrive, which includes a tiger. Vikram manages to kill the tigers' leader and save his brother. He calls out for the rest of the gang to surrender. One of the robbers is Amal (Samuthirakani). Amal, who is a forest officer, makes it clear that he cannot wait to arrest the two boys. Vikram and Viswanathan run away from the woods. Amal gives chase and captures the brothers. Vikram and Viswanathan are sent to a rehabilitation center run by a retired forest officer named Seth (Prakash Raj). Later, Vikram and Viswanathan meet with Seth, who helps them make fake "tiger attacks". One of their targets is a village full of children. Vikram along with Viswanathan (who is disguised as a man) manage to flee. Seth meets with the villagers and convinces them to look after their children. Vikram, Viswanathan, and Seth then plan a robbery. Vikram and Viswanathan attack the robbers. Amal, who has been following Vikram, is killed in the attack. Vikram then regains his brother and they move on. Vikram and Viswanathan meet Seth's son, who is a daredevil. They convince the boy to do a stunt, and the boy agrees. One day, Seth dies and decides to leave for Hyderabad to live with his daughter. Vikram and Viswanathan go to meet Seth's family. They meet Seth's daughter, who explains her brother's ordeal. They then meet Seth's son, who says that the game has started. He leaves for the jungle and is followed by the brothers. They climb to the top of a mountain and find an abandoned temple.




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Anjaan 2014 Full Movie 720p Hd Free 40
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